Reading at Gershwin Hotel

Reading With Richard Boch @ Gershwin Hotel

I’ll be reading in NYC on Thursday 11/8/12 with my friend Richard Boch at the Gershwin Hotel, 7 E. 27th, NYC.

Back when I was a wee snot-nosed teen punk rocker, Richard was a doorman at the Mudd Club. My memory of those years is pretty much nonexistent, so I don’t know if I encountered Richard in the 80’s, but he’s a friend now, and he’s written a delicious memoir about his tenure there at the Mudd Club.

I’ll be reading from ZOMBIE HOOKERS OF HUDSON. This thing started out as an idea for a B movie, then turned into a short story, and is now becoming a novella. Which is to say, it has a life of its own –which is fitting for a story involving undead hookers.

Here is a picture of my dog, Mickey, in the cemetery that inspired ZOMBIE HOOKERS.

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