Robocop, Truffles, Brains and Boobs

So the Art Boobs post link got taken down by Facebook.  This was pretty exciting.  I’m not going to launch into a jeremiad about the hypocrisy of it, because I don’t want to get all VEXED, but, seriously.  Vexing.

And now, a little follow-up to ART BOOBS.

The main purpose of the recently-installed “donate” button is to support this blog. This encourages me to keep blogging and novel-writing rather than spending five hours in handstand or lounging around weeping and eating bonbons in my underwear (though those are obviously also worthy endeavors).

Donating, sharing the blog, buying a book, any and all of it cheers me and also builds a wider audience so that maybe,  when my next book finally comes out,  I get to tour a little more extensively,  meet/re-meet more of you compatriots out there, and get to know YOUR work and talents and enthusiasms (like Laura Rhoman, baker extraordinaire, who made me THE most delicious truffles and marzipan concoctions when I read at Powell’s in Portland a while back.)

Some of you have already bought and read all my books AND made contributions to keep the blog going and I really really appreciate that.   I will be over presently to give you bon bons.

Others, namely Laura the Hot Farmer, Isa the Hot Blogger,  and Jody Sigler the Hot Poet, have asked:

  “Where are the rest of the naked pictures?”

Truth is, there aren’t any more naked pictures. I am not an enthusiastic naked person as documented in an old piece, Bad Dad at the Beauty Salon (link that someone, not me, posted)  I am a person who, when naked in front of strangers, thinks: Holy shit, I am naked in front of strangers.

The boob photo was taken by the artist Christopher Wool.  When I realized he was taking boob pictures of me as I lounged by the pool, I shrieked and tried to shove him and the camera in the pool.   So he only got that one picture, as far as I know, though he did go on to paint my brain:

As may be evident from the nature of the painting, ours was a somewhat tempestuous relationship. Though Wool remains one of my favorite people in the world and is an incredible artist.

Maggie’s Brain the Painting went on to become pretty famous.  It’s now owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.  Here’s a slightly better picture of it. Of course, Wool should have given ME the painting, but all I got was a scribbled-on Polaroid.

Lastly,  “I’d Buy That For A Dollar” is a quote from Robocop, a movie I LOVE.

A one-dollar donation is welcome – and wonderful – but you don’t HAVE to be literal. I was making a Robocop reference, mostly because I was excited to see who might riff on it.

Anyone?   Robocop?  Truffles?  Brains?  Boobs?

Thanks for your contributions, shares and enthusiasms.  They mean a lot.


3 thoughts on “Robocop, Truffles, Brains and Boobs

  1. I long to be

    topped with an explosive, floral-like spray form in the center.