The Killing Type

The folks at Akashic Books asked me to write a piece of FLASH fiction. This FLASH appellation has nothing to do with Flash Gordon as Neal Pollack seems to believe, but instead refers to brevity (generally under 750 words, so it can be read in one long inhale).  

It was harder than I thought, but extremely satisfying. While the title is a nod to Amanda Palmer, and fits the piece perfectly, alternate titles might be “The Untrue Story of How I Got A Second Dog” or “A Pit Bull Advocate’s Wet Dream”.  The results can be found herewith, on Akashic’s site:  The Killing Type

One thought on “The Killing Type

  1. Hi, hope ur doing well. Some how I do believe we are from the same family. I was born Oct. 19, 1962 in Anderson Indiana. My family are from Virginia. Some how we have a lot in common. For some reason I feel very connected to you and dont know why.. Life is a mystery..
    If you would like to get in touch, I left my email address.
    Looking forward to hear from you..