New Years Day

Hello.  I’ll be reading (briefly, each reader has just two minutes and my old friend John S Hall sent out a note reminding all readers not to be greedy jerks, not to go way over allotted time) at the annual St Marks Poetry Project New Years Day Marathon Reading.  I’m slated to go on between 6-7pm.  I actually wrote a POEM last night for the first time in several years. So there is some chance that I’ll actually read a POEM at this event.   Here are the details.

St Marks Poetry Project 131 E. 10th Street, 2pm to Midnight, admission $20 (It’s their big fundraising event so, really, when you consider how, for $20 you’ll get to not only hear me, but potentially Patti Smith, Phillip Glass, Emily XYZ, Penny Arcade, etcetcetc, this event is practically FREE.)