The Killing Type

The folks at Akashic Books asked me to write a piece of FLASH fiction. This FLASH appellation has nothing to do with Flash Gordon as Neal Pollack seems to believe, but instead refers to brevity (generally under 750 words, so it can be read in one long inhale).  

It was harder than I thought, but extremely satisfying. While the title is a nod to Amanda Palmer, and fits the piece perfectly, alternate titles might be “The Untrue Story of How I Got A Second Dog” or “A Pit Bull Advocate’s Wet Dream”.  The results can be found herewith, on Akashic’s site:  The Killing Type

Not the girl with the pink bra strap

Hello, people.

After some shenanigans and standing backflips, my “Maggie Estep Author” page seems to be up and running on Facebook,  though still not very readily find-able (if you search for it without a link, you come across some other “Maggie Estep Author” page that someone (no idea who) created, a page that is devoid of images and advertises the fact that I was born in New Jersey.) You may also encounter what appears to be a legitimate Maggie Estep who is several years my junior and is endlessly exhibiting a pink bra strap.  You are welcome to “like” her too, and I really would not hold it against you.  But if you have urges to like me, here is the link:  To like 

And I AM on Twitter, but have not yet mustered wild enthusiasm for it simply because I am not really all that pithy.  Reasonably intelligent, sometimes funny, but, PITHY, not so much.  Though there is always hope.  Right?